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2018/19 summer semester

Office hours

(Institute of Computer Science, room 145/1)

Konsultacje ustalane indywidualnie

(Please contact me with at least two days in advance before tutorial meeting!!!)


Feel free to email me if you have any question

Advanced Exploration of Large Data Sets (lectures and labs) - full-time studies

Lectures: on Tuesdays, 9:15am - 10:45am, seminar room
Labs: on Tuesdays, 11:00am - 12:30pm, room nb. 143

Registration for classes

Akademicki Punkt Konsultacji Psychologiczno-Pedagogicznych
Savoir-vivre for Students
Twój Profesor - Students about me with contempt ;)
Classes Schedule
Organization of the Academic Year 2018/2019
Cracow University of Technology Academic Regulations
The Erasmus+ Programme at Faculty of Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science (CUT)

Institute of Computer Science
Secretariat: +48 12 628 27 80
Operating personnel: +48 12 628 27 84

  Warto być uczciwym, choć nie zawsze się to opłaca.
Opłaca się być nieuczciwym, ale nie warto  

- W.B.

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